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Advent Calendar 2018 & How You Can Get One For 2019

Posted on January 30 2019

I don't know about you, but I adored Christmas this year, it was such an excellent opportunity for me to switch off and re-charge. So I can now assure you all I am super-charged for 2019! With my team and me now ready and raring to go, I would give you all a heads-up about our 2019 calendar! So, I can imagine some of you will be thinking I'm a little early. But after this year's record number of TreatBox advent calendars sold, as well as a long waiting list, we want to be ahead of the game for 2019.  So we can give you all the Christmas advents you deserve again! 

 Advent Calendar for 2018 from Treatbox

In 2018 our advent SOLD OUT we posted 500 calendars! Can you believe it?! That is 5x as many as the previous year, and we still couldn't make enough for you all! We are so astounded at the support we have received for our specially-curated box of treats. With that quantity of sales, we ultimately hand gift wrapped over 12,000 products by hand. Yes, our sides hurt, from all those bows, we had a lot of backaches, but the overall goal was so, so worth it! Our TreatBoxes are so unique; we put a whole lot of love into every single element of our box, and the advent is our final showcase of the year, and I am so delighted to say you all loved 2018's! There are so many amazing things about our advent calendar; firstly with us being able to design and make our unique products for you guys, as well as being able to support small businesses too. There were so many amazing products in this year's advent, and we will most certainly be making it even better year upon year!

 Full contents of treat box advent calendar 2018

treat box advent calendar 2018

With this in mind, here are some of our reasons why you should book your 2019 TreatBox Calendar now;


1) We shipped a record 500 Advents in 2018, and we were inundated with enquires too. We tried our hardest to work through our waiting list, but not everyone could get one, and we would hate if you guys were to miss-out this December too.

Three ways to get a Treatbox Advent Calendar for 2019

  • Pay a 50% deposit (£37) today then the rest before 1st November,
  • Pay in full £74.95
  • Or pop us across an email (hello@treatboxuk.com) and we can set up a payment plan with a payment, where you can pay what you like whenever you like as long as it's all paid in full by 1st November 2019, you can have it paid in full by the time we ship them, making it a stress free, luxury treat! 


2) We crammed a whole lot of spectacular treats in our advent for such a fantastic price. Breaking it down, well actually you may need to sit down for this. But, our 2018 advent calendar had an RRP of....wait for it, £133.00! How blimming spectacular is that, and our 2019 Advent will also have an equally fantastic RRP with even more experience and contacts we have some unique products already lined up.


3) Our Advent Calendars are hand-selected with love. Each item is something that we have tried and loved, or it's a brand new treasure that we can't wait to share with you all. When all 24 items are set-out together, we aim to make sure they look beautiful together; and are the perfect assortment of goodies to lift your spirits and evoke all the festive feels.


4) You will be sooooo organised! Advent Calendars are gaining traction in the festive world, and there are so many different kinds to choose from. Our TreatBox Advent is jam-packed full of seasonal and some non-festive items, so why would you not want to be involved? A little treat from your January self to your December self. 


5) We LOVE to support small, start-up and indie brands. Being a small business ourselves, we understand the importance of supporting fellow brands who are on their mission to establish themselves and be the go-to producers of artisan and small-batch goodies (to rival the bigger guys!). When people shop small, it means so much to the business owners. Thus you're supporting someone in their dream. 

 treat box advent calendar 2018

On this note, here's a little lowdown of some of the delights we featured that support smaller brands:

  • Creighton's are a mother and daughter team who create the most outrageously perfect chocolate blends. We featured their Champagne & Popping Candy delight. We have to admit one of the perk's of this job is taste testing all of the goodies that we get sent (yummy scrummy!) And this one came out top for flavour, and their story is so inspiring we couldn't say no!
  • The Salt Parlour run by two amazing ladies who create the most fantastic salt & sulphur body scrubs that are vegan and cruelty-free! They love natural skin care, and enjoy the planet.. something that's becoming an up and coming trend! So we thought we would get involved too! 
  • The BeeGood company create results-driven by conscious skincare, and we were delighted to showcase their Raspberry & White Chocolate lip balm - the ultimate skin saviour for the chillier months.
  • Charismatic Cat Candles are an artisan, small-batch company that produces the most beautiful candle scents! We think their flavours are truly delicious!
  • Believe in Magic? Well, we do! Chocolate Baby made the biscuit we featured. It was divine, and we are so glad that we have a few of these treats leftover to see us through January! Head over to their website to see their other gorgeous gifts!
  • We also loved our F.L.Y. make-up bag (could also be used as a purse) - we hand designed and handprinted each one at TreatBox HQ. First Love Yourself It is the only way!
  • Another of our handmade by TreatBox items was our Christmas Planner notebook! We designed each element, and we were made-up at the finished product! The ultimate jotter for all of your Christmas organisational needs! We also have a super-cute range of notebooks (non-Christmassy) over on our website. They are magical in their way, and hand designed by us, which makes them even more special!
  • Our 'Magic is all around us' pocket mirror is an absolute delight! Perfect for you to see just how beautiful you are! We also have a non-festive mirror range that is just as gorgeous. Take a look through our Build Your items to see the full range.
  • The Christmas Eve product had to be one of our favourites - a Rudolph bath bomb with a sparkling, glittery red nose that makes the bath all shimmery. We all love a bit of razzle dazzle!


If you are a small brand wishing to showcase your beautiful products, then please get in touch as we'd be interested in working with you in 2019. We are always excited to discover new and exciting products, especially those that are owned by other like-minded lovelies.

 creigtons champagne and popping candy chocolate from treat box advent


We have been having a lot of brainstorms about what we can change, and make better about 2019's advent calendar. We wouldn't want it to be the same every year, style wise and product wise. So here are a few ideas we have been jotting down.


  • Packaging: We are adamant that this year we are going to take our packaging to another level, and a new colour scheme I have some fantastic ideas! 
  • The outer packaging: This year was good, though we feel like it could be even better. So we will be sourcing suppliers for this, and make sure it keeps all of your products secure and safe, as we all know what Royal Mail can be like!
  • Postage: So 2018's advent we sent 2nd class recorded. The service was excellent though we feel 1st class tracked service would make the experience for you all a lot more appealing. We do not like the thought of you all worrying where your box is r how many days it's going to take to get to you. So you don't have to wait too long for your box of delights!
  • Pegs or No pegs: We want to change up this year's design! When I say design, I mean this year we are thinking of having no string and pegs!! You shared some fantastic photos of your advents in baskets, under the tree and lots more. Another appealing reason is that hanging the Advent can limit us with the size or weight of products we can include in the Advent. So you could receive BIGGER items in this year's Advent. Maybe ;)
  • Being SUPER prepared: Many of you know we started packing and sorting for Christmas very early in 2018. But in 2019 we are going to be even more organised! We are going to start packing even earlier this year! We do love spreading a bit of love here at TreatBox so that we will be putting even more love into this year's advent, as well as time, to make sure EVERYTHING is checked from our supplier and is perfect for you. 


We all hope you like the ideas we have set out above. We always want to make all of our customers even happier than they are. And being a small business, you learn along the way. So here's to an even more spectacular 2019 advent! 

 Believe in the magic of Christmas biscuit from treat box advent calendar


So a little recap on the ways you can get your hands on an Advent calendar for 2019

 Pay in full - £74.95 shipping is free on all orders.

Pay a deposit now, and the remainder later £37 today and Remainder £37.95 on or before 1st November 2019. 

Or, if it suits you better, you can pay in increments over upcoming months (We will send you an invoice for the total then you can make partial payments. Paying whatever you like, whenever you want. As long as it isn’t paid by November 1st, 2019) Please email us at hello@treatboxuk.com to do this.

Paying in increments has worked for a lot of our customers, and by making smaller instalments throughout the year and spreading the cost, you can make significant headway before Christmas arrives!


Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or feedback.


Wishing you a glorious 2019, thank you for your continued support and love!


Zoe and TB Team xxx


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