How to make use of your TreatBox

Posted on April 19 2019

With Earth Day coming up on the 22nd April, a day that takes place each year worldwide and promotes environmental awareness, we wanted to do our best and share with you our TreatBox recycle and reusable guide...

Did you know There are lots of ways in which you can reuse or recycle your TreatBox? Here is our breakdown of what you can do...

  • The TreatBox itself is recyclable and reusable - This can go in your green bin outside your house or any cardboard recycling bin. Or reuse the box to store items like birthday cards, makeup, nail varnish, drawings. You could even turn the box inside out to have the new packaging on the outside as a funky cover. If you have more than one TreatBox, you could have them stacked up like drawers and keep stationery inside. 
  • The bag is recyclable - this bag can be recycled along with other carrier bags. A lot of supermarkets have carrier bag recycle bins.
  • Shredded Paper and Tissue paper is reusable - you can re-wrap someone's gift using these or keep it in a craft box ready for those rainy days or school projects that need doing (we all love the Easter bonnet parade!)
  • The Sticker is reusable - you could stick the sticker anywhere in the house to remind you to do something. As our labels have lovely quotes on them, it could just be a reminder that you are enough. Again you could re-wrap someone's gift or decorate your favourite notebook. recycle stickers
  • Gift Tag is Cherished - the gift tag your loved one has written on can be reused, read our blog post on ways to cherish those memories.
  • Black Ribbon is reusable - tie your hair up, decorate your jars, wrap another gift or keep a notebook closed with the ribbon your TreatBox comes with candle wrap

At the moment only the small Boxes have the new stylish black and white design, it's a gradual process, and we hope you all love the new design as much as we do! 

we hope you find it useful and we are continually looking at ways to improve so if you have any, please let us know :-)

Amy - TB

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