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How to Treat a New Mum

New Mums are superheroes.

After making it through swollen ankles, sickness and welcoming a new human into the world, they now continue to survive the sleepless nights and delightful nappies. While a new baby is a gift in itself, they might appreciate one that doesn’t require any taking care of (sorry flowers!). 

Why not treat her to a little something to make sure she knows how special she is? We have just the thing that you can send to let them know you’re thinking about them. 

A New Mum Gift TreatBox full of goodies that any new Mum will love including: 

How to treat a new mum to something 100% for her. New mum TreatBox.

Elixir Of Parent Life
Coffee Blend (1 serving) & Mumma Bear Coaster 

Caffeine is a very important part of being a new parent and lots of it. Treat her to a delicious cup that she can indulge in when the little one is finally asleep. If she does need to put it down, she can pop it on her Mumma Bear Coaster, also a great reminder that it’s hers and no one else’s! 

Not For Sharing
Rosé Gummies 

Nine months is a long time to go without your favourite tipple, but these Rosé Gummies give you the delicious flavour without the after-effects. 

‘You’ve Totally Got This Mamma’  
Essentials Pouch

Every new Mum needs reminding every now and again that she can do it! The pouch is perfect for getting out and about and can be used for essentials for the baby or as a place where Mum can pop all the important bits and bobs. 


How to treat a new mum to something 100% for her. New mum TreatBox


Always Be Prepared  

Always useful to have on hand - whether it’s to wipe little noses, clean up spills, or even when the hormones get them. 

Rise And Shine 
Morning Goggle Eye Mask 

Little bundles of joy are also sleep thieves! Give her the chance to rest tired eyes with a soothing eye mask. A cooling anti-pollution and blue-light protection eye mask, designed to brighten the eye area and rescue puffy eyes [taken from their website, just so you know] - just the thing! 

Hands Off! 
Willies Cacao White Chocolate Bar  50g

No sharing, hands-off Dads! This is a tasty treat that’s all for her. A bar that’s full of all-natural ingredients so no worries about any nasties, just pure goodness. 

And Relax....
Himalayan Bath Salts  

Once a doting friend or family member has got the baby, Mamma can have some me-time. These bath salts are the perfect way to relax, unwind and have a little bit of space to feel like herself.

How to treat a new mum to something 100% for her. New mum TreatBox.

Want to send her something unique? Don’t forget that you can build a box full of goodies that you know will put a smile on her face - because you know her best. Order your New Mum box here, or start building your own box here.



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