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Meet The Team!

Posted on April 03 2019

So I realised I haven't actually got round to introducing my new lovely team members and I thought it would be great to do a little post, so you can see what they get up to and find out a little more about them, I know if you have been following or subscribing to TreatBox for a while you already know me, but I thought for anyone new I would introduce myself too. 

meet the team

My name is Zoe I created TreatBox back in 2015, from my living room. After searching high and low for a gift for my friend who was feeling very low, I wanted to send her something that was personal from the heart. I couldn't find anything. Sure there are other gift companies out there, but I couldn't create a gift box and have full control of what went inside and sure there are websites, no names, who would print in a card for me, but I wanted something more personal than that. So I realised this could be something special, and created TreatBox just like that... It's been 3 years of very hard work, a lot of tea as you may have noticed over on Instagram. I am proud to be sending thousands of boxes across the UK with an increasing presence worldwide.

A normal day for me is crazy, so many changes day to day, I wear so many hats from packing your boxes, taking photographs, sources the products for all of the boxes, customer service, social media, designing products and so much more, it got very crazy I had to look for help, my Partner and my Mum help me, but I needed to grow a TreatBox team so I am going to pass you over to them and let them introduce themselves!

Hi, I'm Amy and I'm a Mum of two lovely children, Oliver and Ava. Zoe and I became friends when our sons went to the same nursery back in 2013. I have helped Zoe out on and off as a friend when needed, but I officially joined the TreatBox family in 2018. A typical day for me at Treatbox is assisting in customer service, answering emails & with social media - So I would love it if you come and say hi! :)

I make sure your lovely subscription boxes, packages and daily orders are packed to perfection before leaving the warehouse. I help make items you see in the shop and discover lots of new products to feature in TreatBox.

A fun fact about me is that I am Disney mad - my favourite is Ariel and I need your help to persuade Zoe to do a Disney themed box! 


Hello! My name is Alice I am a Mum of one to my crazy little Amelie. I started working in TreatBox in 2018, I am the person behind the drawings and new hand made products designed exclusively to TreatBox. I do a share of the photography as well as assisting in other, day to day jobs; Packing the orders, adding new products to the website and sourcing new brands to feature in our monthly TreatBoxes.

A fun fact about me is I love cheese with salt and vinegar crisps in a sandwich... Strange but it tastes so good! Don't knock it until you try it ;)

welcome to the treatbox team 



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