Kicking Off Independent Retailer Month With Squirrel Sisters Q&A

Posted on July 02 2019

July is "Independent Retailer" month I love working alongside other independent retailers, and I know how important it is to support each other and help each other grow and I think TreatBox is the perfect opportunity to support other Indie Retailers collaborating alongside them for our Monthly Boxes and featuring them within our Build a Box range. 

So to celebrate this special month, I thought I would put the spotlight on some of the brands TreatBox has worked with over the years so you can get to know a little more about them, their values, some precious self-care tips and lots more.

First up is Squirrel Sisters, we first featured their delicious snack bars in our March 2019 TreatBox, they were a big hit with our subscribers and so we thought it would be great to find out more about them and what the future holds for their brand! 

Tell us why you started your business?

Health, wellness, food, and how it makes us feel has always been a passion of ours. Quite a few years after university, Sophie moved to Singapore, and I was in London, so we decided to start a blog as a fun thing to do together while living on opposite sides of the world.  Initially, it was never a business idea, just a passion of ours, something fun to do together.


Squirrel sister - Independent Retailers Month Spotlight - TreatBox Partners.


Our blog was a place for us to document our healthy and delicious discoveries and recipes. At the time, we found that most blogs were quite ‘preachy’ and promoted lifestyles that were unrealistic, restrictive and not sustainable. We wanted to create a platform that was all about balance- enjoying life while feeling great; we named our blog Squirrel Sisters (the name came from a nickname which has stuck with us since childhood - Squirrel rhymes with our surname ‘Tyrrell’ and is much more fun to say! Coincidentally and perhaps luckily, we also love nuts!). 

Our blog gained a following quickly; People connected with our mission and the fact that we are two normal girls with a busy lifestyle that want to enjoy life while feeling great.

With a growing following, we saw an opportunity to turn our blog into a business so after much planning and preparation launched our snack bars in November 2015, which we already had the recipes for. 

The recipes were developed by me (Gracie) when we lived together after university in Balham. I used to make them for Sophie because she has a gluten-intolerance and at the time there wasn’t anything available that was gluten-free, refined sugar-free and delicious. Anything gluten-free that did taste good tended to be full of sugar and additives. So I made the bars for Sophie (and myself), so she could enjoy a delicious snack that tasted like an indulgent treat with the bonus of health benefits. 

What does your business stand for?

When we launched Squirrel Sisters, we came up with the slogan Treat Your Health because it represents everything Squirrel Sisters is about… making healthy fun, delicious and convenient. We wanted to create healthy snacks that tasted like a treat…. that enable you to treat yourself while treating your health. Snacks made with real, natural, kitchen cupboard ingredients that are indulgent and delicious. We want to prove that you don’t have to miss out or feel restricted by being healthy. People are busy these days so creating delicious, healthy and convenient snacks that people could take with them on-the-go was the aim behind it all.

Squirrel Sisters snack bars - TreatBox Partners Squirrel Sisters - Independent Retailers Month Spotlight


What does the future of Squirrel Sisters look like?

We have our most exciting year yet- Waitrose has doubled our store listings based on our products performing very well in the very competitive category; the Food-to-go fixture. 

We have also launched into over 600 Holland & Barrett stores, meaning that along with our other retailers you can not find out products on nearly every high street in the UK.

We have some exciting NPD that we’ve been working on for a while now and hope to launch them later this year. We are also going to raise investment soon to grow the business at a faster rate. 


Share with us your number one self-care tip?

Having time out and time to yourself is so essential for your mental and physical wellbeing, so we take it very seriously. Both of us are huge fans of salt baths, they really help relax you, and we also love cooking, we find it therapeutic. We make sure we getaway (even if it’s for a long weekend) a couple of times a year so we can get reset… we try to completely relax when we do this and avoid going on our phones. 

What is your favourite product in your range, and why? 

We might be biased, but we genuinely love all of them. Our mood usually dictates which one we end up choosing. 

What or who is your favourite positive Instagrammer? and why?

We love Chrissy Teigen because she’s so funny and doesn’t care what anyone thinks. 

TreatBox Partnership

How did you find featuring in TreatBox? 

We loved it! Being featured means we were able to get our products into the hands of potential new customers that we knew would enjoy our snacks.  


Build your perfect TreatBox, which items would you pick?

- Squirrel Sisters Snack Bars - because we love snacks ☺

- 'Girl Gang’ Copper Pin – because we are big fans of women supporting women #girlpower!

- Dreamer Eye Mask- because sleep is so important. We are so much more productive when we’ve had a good nights sleep.

- "A Sister is a Special Kind of Friend" ceramic keepsake - because we are sisters and best friends! Don’t know what we would do without each other. 

- Best Sister Ever Rose Gold Wish Bracelet- same reason as above ☺

If you Stumble Make it Part of the Dance A5 Print- because we believe any obstacles in life happen to teach you more about yourself and guide you in the right direction not destruct you. 

- Pukka Tea- because we LOVE herbal tea!

- Wild Thought’s notebook- because we get through so many journals with our crazy Squirrel Sisters ideas. 

Can we pick everything….?

Build a gift box for a sister, best friend or anyone that needs a pick me up. TreatBox gift boxes are a letterbox sized box of goodies.

Which brand do you think would be amazing to see in a TreatBox?

We think Rhiannon Lambert @rhitrition is an amazing businesswoman and Instagrammer. 

We think Too Wordy typography prints would be amazing in TreatBox… her Instagram handle is @toowordy

We hope you loved reading the first of many "Spotlight on our suppliers" interviews.

Zoe TB 



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