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Life hacks to help you stay on top!

Posted on February 28 2020

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Do you ever leave things until the last minute? Or rummage around your house because you cannot find anything? I hope its a Yes because after all, we are only human! :-) so we wanted to share a few little hacks that could just make life a little less stressful...


1. Buy a variety of cards each with something different on them, i.e wedding, anniversary, birthday girl, birthday boy, get well soon and keep them all in a drawer until needed. For example, if it's your friends anniversary coming up then you have one right there ready to post rather than smacking yourself in the forehead because you forgot to go to the shops :)

Life hacks to help you stay on top! Bulk up on greeting cards

2. if you see an absolute bargain, buy 2 or if you are a daredevil depending on what it is, buy a few. If you see a really cool toy that's cheap enough then buy 2 and put them in a box until needed, one could be for your child or niece/nephew's Christmas present and when there's a child's birthday coming up then voila - no stressing about buying a gift! Or if there are a few tea bags or certain food you like in the supermarket going really cheap then buy a couple, and you'll have a 6 month supply of tea bags, depending on how much you drink ;-)


3. Pen and paper are your best friend. literally I am telling you that writing everything down is an absolute lifesaver. sounds so simple and you all may probably already do this and Don't get me wrong there are people out there who can remember a lot of things but if you are like the rest of us and can't even remember if you locked the front door this morning then WRITE IT DOWN as soon as you know, Any appointments, school dates, birthdays, Homeworks due in, lunch dates, school term dates, even if its because you have to go and get some milk from the shops, write it on a calendar and look a week ahead to see what you have coming up.


4. Get ready the night before. sound familiar? urgh, big sigh here because of the number of times I say this to my partner and is phenomenal. Everyone in the whole house will be so more relaxed in the mornings if you just remember 'what can I do to help me out tomorrow?', My mum used to say this all the time and I'm glad I've stuck to it. if you are off to an important meeting in the morning then get your case ready the night before, lay your outfit out ready to fling on. heck, I've even got the breakfast table ready before (just bowls/plates etc, no food ;-) when we had to get up super early for a trip. Play a game with the kids in the evening, you could write them a checklist i.e shoes at the front door, bookbag at the front door, lunchbox as ready as it can be, p.e bag next to shoes and once it's all ticked off they get something that suits you, technology for example. win-win.


There are probably so many more and i'd love to hear some of what you guys do to make life that little tiny bit less stressful, so simple but so useful.

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