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Long Distance Gifting

Posted on May 11 2019

It can be tough living far away from your loved ones and friends, and it can be even tougher when they celebrate a special occasion or are going through a hard time, you want to be there to celebrate or comfort them, but living miles away means you can't. It's easy to send a text or write on social media, but these can feel impersonal. Lots of other companies do have gift ideas, "select the gift option here" but you don't know how it will arrive? There won't be much feeling or love put into it, no handwritten gift message, or hand gift wrapped! 

It doesn't have to be complicated; we thought it would be a lovely idea to round up some ideas for reasons you may need to send a long distance gift, then show you exactly how they will arrive with the loved one. 


A physical hug when you are living miles apart is impossible unless you travel yourself, of course, but that isn't always possible. So sending a TreatBox really is a hug in a box with a handwritten thoughtful, personal message straight from the heart to thoughtful gifts, all wrapped and straight through the letterbox.

College Care Package

Being in college can be stressful and overwhelming living far from your loved ones and friends with the pressure of work; it can all become too much. They may not be looking after themselves and feeling low. We have a fantastic range of treats to pick, from Chamomile tea to de-stress, healthy treats to pamper gifts so they can take a bit of well-earned me time!



We have everything you need for the perfect and quick Birthday gift. So often we are busy running around we may forget that special friends Birthday in a few days, meaning you need a last minute gift delivered straight to them! We have got you covered pick the items you would like, or we have ready-to-go boxes, you can add a Birthday card, or we will add a Happy Birthday tag with your handwritten Birthday wishes! Upgrade your delivery option to 1st signed for and in most cases; it can be there the next day! 

handwritten birthday message on gift box

You Miss Them

This reason is pretty apparent and says it all in the title. You miss your Mum, Daughter, Sister, BFF we have something to let them know you are missing them add a lovely keepsake they can keep on display, so they are reminded of you each day. 


Long-distance relationship. 

Living far away from someone you love can be very difficult. Trying to show your loved one how much you love and appreciate them over the phone or via technology isn't ideal, and definitely doesn't have the same effect so why not surprise them with a romantic gift full of treats they love, showing them how much you know them, then top it off with a "Love you" keepsake. 


Whether you’re choosing a ready-made TreatBox or building your own, the best part about the experience is the perfect touch of personalisation we add to every box. We top every gift with a handwritten note on your behalf, so they receive your BOX with as much love as it was sent with. Every. Single. One.

Love Zoe TB

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