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May TreatBox "Happy days"

Posted on May 15 2018

"I like smiling, smiling's my favourite"


What a beautiful bounty of goodies we featured in our May TreatBox! Everything you need for that little pick-me-up certain to make you smile.


Alongside our May Happiness Planner, we also created a very special card that can be given to a loved-one or a friend indeed! The sentiment is simple but sure to put a smile on somebody's face; 'A Little Something to Brighten Your Day' says it all! We love creating unique gifts, from the initial sketch or illustration right through to production, the whole process is so exciting.


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In-keeping with this vibe, we also created a gorgeous set of cards in beautiful pastel hues...'Smile, Believe, Calm & Breathe' evoke feelings of happiness, and they can be carried in your purse for that little daily reminder!


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If you're a lover of coffee, you will love the darling little sachets of cafetière-style coffee (one caffeinated and decaf, we like to cover all bases!) we have in our May box. The Little Coffee Bag Company pitched on Dragon's Den and we are very excited to have their unique and gloriously-packaged coffee.


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Whilst sipping on your aromatic, heady, delicious coffee, we reckon that a face mask wouldn't go amiss! Feet up, jarmies on (we're setting the scene here).....We are so excited to have the fruity blend of Strawberry & Yarrow by Anatomicals - It's such a wonderful fragrance and you skin will feel amazing! Simply apply to the face in a thin layer (avoiding the eyes), leave to dry and peel-off to reveal soft, beautiful skin. Also, the packaging needs a little shout-out too! Bright, colourful and happiness-inducing; the perfect combo!


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Whilst relaxing with your face mask on, why not treat your body to a good scrub-up! It's all about the exfoliation, especially as the warmer weather has decided to make an appearance. Daily Concepts Daily Exfoliating Body Scrubber is simply divine - it's gentle yet oh-so brilliant at making the skin soft, glowing and ready for lashings of moisturiser. 'Shower The World With Love' is their motto and we couldn't agree more.


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Our 'Totes Amaze' tote is a thing of beauty. It's just the most versatile bag, perfect for any day out and it looks rather gorgeous, too. 


a close up of food


Let's get down to business now.....If you love white chocolate (that's strawberry and vanilla flavoured), you are going to adore our divine edible treat in the form of Gnaw Nibbles! So, face mask on, coffee in one hand and chocolate in the other; we can't think of a more relaxing way to spend an evening (or Sunday afternoon in preparation for the week ahead).


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That's a wrap! What a Treatbox of delights our May box is. We hope that it's made you smile as much as it did us while creating it. We adore sourcing new and exciting products and we want to say a huge thank you to everyone that's given us great feedback. We love to hear your comments and suggestions. 


If you like what you see, you can order your very own May TreatBox which will be delivered the next day!


Have a wonderful (National Donut Week) and keep your eyes peeled for a sneak peek into our (very colourful) June box


Lots of love,


Zoe and the TreatBox Team xxx

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