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Posted on July 16 2019

When the idea came about to do a spotlight on our suppliers for July Indie Retail Month straight away, I just knew I had to ask Lucy from Creighton's Chocolaterie to take part! I am a massive fan of Creighton's brand; I think it is so cool! To start the chocolate is very yummy. I know this as I had to order extras when we featured the Sparkle & Fizz bar in our 2018 Advent Calendar. The packaging is just amazing so unique. Plus you know I am a fan of a positive quote, and thus chocolate and positivity in one is a dream come true! 


Tell us why you started your business?

Firstly, because I love chocolate - it’s my actual best friend for good times and bad! I felt that there was a gap in the market for a chocolate brand that provided high quality, hand made product without all the snobbery and dull ‘luxe’ branding that was rife at the time (early 2010). I wanted to make something fun, friendly and trend-led that stood out on the shelves and didn’t make consumers feel like that had to know everything about cocoa beans and percentages to enjoy.


Lucy Creighton's Chocolaterie


What does your business stand for?

To have fun with everything we do, be forefront with food trends (we have the new thing before any of the big guys have even thought about it!) and to always be colourful.

How are you working on making your business more ethical/sustainable? Our wrappers on our bars have always been made from paper from the start, so all the packaging is recyclable. I think unnecessary plastic has always been an issue in confectionery and the technology and availability are just not there for smaller companies who want to be environmentally conscious but don’t have a big budget to spend on cutting edge packaging. There’s always room to grow - switching to paper lolly sticks, and compostable cello bags is the next step for us. Our chocolate itself is made from sustainably grown cocoa, and we are actively sourcing ingredients that are palm-free or made using responsibly sourced palm oil.

What does the future of Creightons Chocolate look like?

We have Christmas under the belt so expect lots of traditional flavours with a twist! Further on we have some exciting brand collaborations afoot, and we are getting very experimental with some of our ingredients.


Share with us your number one self-care tip?

Try to feel less guilt! No guilt for taking time off on my own, no guilt for wanting to go to work, no guilt for eating, no guilt for not having it all. Also, I started using CBD oil, which has changed my life!

What is your favourite product in your range, and why?

The ‘It Will Be OK’ bar is my favourite design; the colours are so lovely together! I spent months and months designing the Happiness range - ironically, I had such a massive creative block creating a variety of motivational chocolate bars!! In the end, I just wrote my feelings at the time down, and once I had that spark there, it just flowed. I think those three bars (it will be ok, you are frickin amazing, self-love) embody my relationship with chocolate.


Creighton's Chocolaterie It's okay bar


What or who is your favourite positive Instagrammer? 

I do love a body-positive account (I’m very here for those), and I’m very into parody accounts too - faves at the moment are @hunsathome, @cookingforbae and @mr_bingstagram

Build your perfect TreatBox, which items would you pick?

  • Oh, K! Gold Gel Lip Mask - Love Korean beauty products!
  • Wild Thoughts Leopard Print A5 Notebook - If it’s not a leopard, it’s not in.
  • Girl Gang Enamel Copper Pin Badge. Exclusive to TreatBox - Because Creighton’s is a girl gang
  • Pretty Floral Socks - Can’t wait for it to be socks weather again
  • Do Your Best A5 Print - Just here doing my best 


What is your favourite business Instagrammer to follow, and why? (Which brand do you think would be amazing to see in a TreatBox) 

I follow lots, but the most inspirational has to be @elsielarson. I’ve followed her for the past ten years when she started with her Beautiful Mess blog, she’s so diverse in what she does (clothing line, make-up line, photo editing apps, air BnB, interiors design, craft book…!) yet her aesthetic and branding is so recognisable and slick on everything. Second, to her is @jengotch for similar reasons - I’d love to see @shopbando in TreatBox :).

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