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Top Tips For Creating Awesome 'Thinking Of You' Gifts

It can most certainly be tricky to curate the perfect 'thinking of you' box of goodies, especially when there are so many beautiful products to choose from (how do you narrow it down?). You also want to make the recipient feel loved, comforted and appreciated.

Fear not! That's what we're here for - to help you piece together the perfect present and hug in the post for a friend, colleague, family member, partner in crime... We could go in listing all the people we can create for but to be honest, it's endless!!! So many options for every single person! That's what happens when you have a treasure trove of wonderful goodies to choose from!

However, to make the process a wee bit quicker, we thought that it might be helpful to put together five types of gifts that could be included to make their day!

1. How about an edible "I'm thinking of you" gift:

Delicious, tasty and the perfect sweet treat for instant satisfaction! We have the most delectable sweet treats to choose from fudge to chocolate to hand-stamped biscuits! There is an option for every sweet-lover out there. 

TreatBox consider this a hug in a biscuit form. Click to find out more about how to put together a hug in a box.

2. Or what about a long-lasting "thinking of you" gift:

Once the sweeties have all been snaffled, we think that it would be lovely for the TreatBox to keep on giving! Our Keepsakes is a beautiful reminder of your thoughtful gift.

Best friend bookmark. Click to find out more about how to put together a hug in a box.

3. Or even something to carry as a lovely keepsake:

We have a gorgeous range of keyrings and mirrors which you can carry in your purse and handbag - a constant reminder of your friendship and how much you love your buddy!

Our selection of keyrings has grown recently, and we adore all the gorgeous pastel colours! 'Fries Before Guys', hell yeah!!! Always fries! Our mirror is a bit special, too. We designed these babies, and we love them.

4. How about a pin badge:

Stop the press! Our exclusive to TreatBox pin badges and wish bracelets are just adorable and we have so many designs to choose from. These have been created by us, for you! We love them, and we hope that you do too! They are the perfect addition to any TreatBox, making it extra special for that someone special!

Keep going enamel pin badge. Click to find out more about how to put together a hug in a box.

5. Add a thoughtful "thinking of you" message with your gift:

This added touch is what makes us so unique; we handwrite your note on a notecard utterly free of charge! Because we love you!

If you would like to add-on a card too, we have some beauties to choose from. This is the icing on the cake, the perfect finishing touch to make your TreatBox wholly unique and personal. Your way of saying, 'hey bud, I'm thinking of you'...

Thinking of you gifts through the post via Treatbox letterbox gifts.

That's the round-up!

We hope that we've given you some food for thought and you have great fun creating your hug in the post, don't forget you can always follow us over on Facebook or Instagram where we regularly share lots of boxes we have recently wrapped or put together.

There's nothing that we can't do - we either hand-select or design in-house all of our products and we are always looking for exciting ideas so if there's something you'd love, but you don't see in our product range, then don't be shy! Get in touch.

Are you ready to create your thoughtful gift? Head over to Build your own and take a look at the hundreds of choices we have. 

Get started and build your own TreatBox

Lots of love,


Zoe xxx


Below are some lucky people over on Instagram who have received a TreatBox created especially for them

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