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TreatBox Monthly Awards

Posted on October 14 2018

Hello everyone, I hope you're well and you're having a great October so far! We are loving all the pumpkins and hot chocolates keeping us warm on the chiller nights; there's nothing quite like a cosy night in with the fire going! 


We are very excited to share our new and exciting news with you and we hope that it is a way to build our already amazing TreatBox community whilst sharing a whole lot of love between us all. We are going to be starting a monthly 'TreatBox Awards' whereby you nominate somebody who you think is amazing and who deserves a little pick-me-up!

a close up of a flower

Do you know someone who is always going above and beyond for their family and friends? Do know someone who has been through a tough time lately? Or do you know someone who is an all-round fabulous human being who deserves a treat? Well, all you have to do to win a TreatBox for them (and 20% off any Build Your Own TreatBox for yourself), is enter their story and why you'd like to nominate them on our blog and we will choose a winner each month.

a close up of a flower


  • UK Entrants only
  • Entrants must be 18 and over
  • Sharing is caring but all parties must be informed prior to commenting
  • Allow 24 hours for your comments to show in blog post
  • We will select a winner and advise via the blog 
  • Finish date: 26th October at 9am
  • Only 1 TreatBox winner per month and 20% off BYO TreatBox for person nominating 

We are so happy to have this up and running and it is the perfect way for us to give something back to you all, our lovely, loyal TreatBox customers who have been such great support over the past 2 years. We truly appreciate your feedback, encouragement and continued love and this is our way of saying a huge thank you. You all mean the world to us and we can't wait to read your amazing stories.


Best of luck and lots of love,


Zoe xxx

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  • Viv Crisp: October 16, 2018

    If like to nominate Joanne Lokwiya. We’ve never actually met each other but through Facebook we have become “sisters.” In January 2015 I was struck down with a mystery illness, later diagnosed as Transverse Myelitis, and JoJo (who suffers from the same condition) has been there for me in my very darkest hours. My life has totally changed, I’ve had to give up my job as a self employed Holistic Therapist, I can’t drive anymore and I very rarely leave home. When I feel unable to cope she just “gets” it and her support and understanding make my life so much better. This year has been incredibly hard for her both personally and with all the challenges TM brings but she always puts others first. This box would give her a huge “hug” and thanks from me XX

  • Caroline Smith: October 15, 2018

    This is a lovely idea :)
    I would like to nominate a friend of mine, Sarah Sherriff, who I’ve known a whole decade, since meeting at uni! Sarah works at priors court school in Berkshire, the school whose minibus was involved in the M4 crash last Wednesday. Sadly she lost 3 of her colleagues that day, and I can’t imagine what that must feel like. But Sarah, along with her the rest of her team, have bravely had to continue business as usual, to support all the young people they work with. Sarah embraces everything in life with positivity and I know she will be putting all her energy into keeping everybody else’s spirits up. I’d really like her to have this lovely surprise as a pick me up! 😊 xx

  • Rachel Hill: October 15, 2018

    This is such an amazing thing to do Zoe. I would like to nominate my friend Karen. She is a single mum to her 2 gorgeous little boys, yet still manages to work in a care home selflessly helping others. She pays a fortune in childcare just so she can do this, because she always says she will go crazy if she doesn’t work. She’s just a phenomenal woman, always thinking of others, and always willing to help everyone. She a legend

  • Sarah-Jane Brophy: October 15, 2018

    What a lovely thing to do! Zoe you’re a star.
    I’d like to nominate my mum, Linda Jupp. Two years ago she had to go through breast cancer and she was amazing and took it all in her stride. My sister was then diagnosed last year and she has been with her every step of the way. Through all of this she is the most amazing mum/Nannie to all of us (she has 4 children and 8 grand children) she picks up the kids/drops them off…does school runs, ironing, washing up, dog sitting, kid sitting etc etc…never is anything too much trouble. Our mum brought the four of us up as a single parent and we had the best childhood you could ask for and continue to have the best adulthood with her by our sides. She puts everyone else first so it would be amazing for her to get a special treat. We’d be truly lost without her.

  • Lins Bodman: October 14, 2018

    My friend Jenny has just finished her chemo. She’s such an inspiration.

  • Penny-sue Wolfe : October 14, 2018

    I nominate my daughter Anastasia. She lost confidence through a mean boss so came to work with us window cleaning. She was such a pleasure to work with. Her confidence has grown so much that she now has moved to the mainland hundreds of miles away, with her partner as they got jobs on a farm. At the moment they are living in a small caravan but hope to move soon. Before she moved she also contacted the Scouts there and is now a Leader and Assistant leader! She is amazing and I miss her terribly.

  • Louise Whitfield: October 14, 2018

    I’d like to nominate my friend Kate. She’s going through a particularly rough time in her personal life but still manages to come into school with a huge smile and is an excellent teacher for our reception aged children.
    Things will get better petal! 😘 xxx

  • Sabrina Hackett-Saikul: October 14, 2018

    I would like to nominate my best friend Megan, who not only works full time for the NHS but also helps out her family members who have medical conditions. She does all this while supporting me through my own journey, as an Endometriosis sufferer and now into motherhood. She’s always there when I need her and she’s been a brilliant help to me over the years since my diagnosis. Megan deserves a box of treats as a thank you and a reminder to look after herself as well as others <3

  • Kim Rennie: October 14, 2018

    My nomination is for my best friend Steph. Stephanie and I met four years ago at university but the last year she has been not only my flat mate and best friend but equally my absolute rock. She was one of the few people there for me when my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago and continued to stick by me when my boyfriend split up with me. Now we’ve both graduated we don’t get to see each other as often as we would like but when we do it’s like nothings changed. I know Steph is having a hard time finding a graduate job and is watching some of her friends find jobs but there’s nothing more uplifting than to see Steph continue to smile and troop on. She has such a positive attitude to it all! I know she will land her dream job and be a star in no time but it would be a lovely treat for her to receive a little gift. I really think she is one in a million for everything she has done for me not only over the last year but the whole four years and I think it’s time she was treated and special for a change to give her a little pick me up!

  • Jess Nunnerley: October 14, 2018

    I’d like to nominate my wonderful friend Elaine Johnson! She is truly the most inspirational woman I have ever met, she always puts other first and ever week puts on running groups to help others! Elaine has had a couple of operations recently and I know this will help to bring that gorgeous smile back to her face! 🤞🏼💕 xXx

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