When you write something down, you create a piece of history; someone can then cherish and keep it forever. You may not think that your little note is enough, but the impact a message can have on someone is massive. Whether you are just saying hello, congratulations or I'm here for you if you need me, receiving a personal card really can have a significant impact.

If you are shy or worried or don't know quite how to say something, then you can write a small but effective message inside a card, and they will love the fact you are thinking of them. Just knowing someone is there is enough sometimes.

Here a few ideas on how to cherish those memories... 


Yes, that's right, why not get crafty and gather a few of your favourite cards and make a collage inside a frame to hang on the wall? All you will need is glue, coloured background paper, scissors and a pen in case you want to write any dates down and voila, a new piece of wall art on the wall no one else will have :-)


Buy a small plain card box from any craft store and either decorate as desired or again write the date on and this will keep your card in pristine condition ready for when you get it out to show people in the future.



Stop the press! Our exclusive to TreatBox pin badges and wish bracelets are just adorable and we have so many designs to choose from. These have been created by us, for you! We love them, and we hope that you do too! They are the perfect addition to any TreatBox, making it extra special for that someone special!


This added touch is what makes us so unique; we handwrite your note on a notecard utterly free of charge! Because we love you!

If you would like to add-on a card too, we have some beauties to choose from. This is the icing on the cake, the perfect finishing touch to make your TreatBox wholly unique and personal. Your way of saying, 'hey bud, I'm thinking of you'...

We hope that we've given you some food for thought and you have great fun creating your hug in the post, don't forget you can always follow us over on Facebook or Instagram where we regularly share lots of boxes we have recently wrapped or put together.

There's nothing that we can't do - we either hand-select or design in-house all of our products and we are always looking for exciting ideas so if there's something you'd love, but you don't see in our product range, then don't be shy! Get in touch.

Are you ready to create your thoughtful gift? Head over to Build your own and take a look at the hundreds of choices we have. 

Get started and build your own TreatBox

Lots of Love



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