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Show them you care

Want to show your clients or employees just how much you care? Whether you want to send a client a new baby gift, show your employees some appreciation, or send a little thank you, a TreatBox goes a long way! 

Why TreatBox?

We have a number of ready-to-go-boxes for that client or employee's Birthday, new baby or promotion. Or we have specialised corporate TreatBoxes available.

You can also add a little personal touch to your employee gift boxes with a build-your-own TreatBox, and spread the love.

Post anywhere - either to an office or direct to the recipients

Luxury gift wrapping, with either Pink or Kraft TreatBox Branded boxes.
We want to make it simple and easy for you from start to finish.

If you’re feeling uninspired brief Jess our dedicated gifting leader on what kind of things you would like and She'll be happy to create a few ideas for you. 

The perfect personalised Employee Gift...

And, if you're planning an event and want to create thoughtful corporate gifting ideas then we can brand your treats to suit.

We have lots of facilities to personalise products either with your branding or for the recipient (s) or a larger scale event.

Let us do the work...

Say goodbye to the standard corporate Christmas gift or usual business gifting ideas and treat your clients and employees to something truly special. We'll work with you to create a TreatBox that fits your brand and budget.

Automated Employee Gifts...

We appreciate that running a business is busy work and you cannot always keep up with birthdays or important milestone dates for your employees - so leave it to us, we have an automated gifting service. All we require from you is a list of your employees important dates, we prepare all the gifts and messages for you and send them direct to the recipient. You’ll never have to worry about missing an important date again!