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TreatBox Luxe One-off Box

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TreatBox Luxe is our brand new and very exciting quarterly subscription box! 

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Some key points about this box! 

  • It will be a parcel, which will change each quarter in size to fit the specific products featured meaning we will not be restricted in which products we feature, making it an even more exciting experience to be part of!
  • How the payments and box shipping will work...

The first box is launching 1st May, early access will be given each month when you sign up to our newsletter. Each monthly payment will be taken at the start of the month then the box will be delivered mid-month. See breakdown

  1. 1st May payment leaves account, your box will be shipped 15th May
  2. 1st August payment leaves account, your box will be shipped 15th August
  3. 1st November payment leaves account, your box will be shipped 15th November
  4. 1st February payment leaves account, your box will ship 14th February
  • Within 24 hours of signing up, we will email you a set of questions so we can get your box personalised to you! See the questions we will ask
  1. Size for clothing and feet 
  2. Food requirements/allergies e.g Vegan, Gluten, etc anything we need to know!
  3. Name and initial you would like on a personalised product.
  4. Birthday for special gifts DD/MM/YY
  5. Skin preferences again and allergies/sensitivity etc anything we need to know!
    1. What would you like to see in your box and is there anything else we may need.
  • Each of our monthly subscription boxes will contain at least 3 full-size products this could be more this box will be quality over quantity, the world is moving to sustainable ways of living...The products we will feature in our boxes will be for you to LOVE and use over and over again! If there is a problem with an item for example sizing etc which could happen we will be happy to change it for you. But we aim to not have this happen, but for peace of mind, we want you to know we will be happy to exchange products if need be.
  • Payment options we have available:
  1. Subscription £45 each quarter.
  2. One-off box £56.95
  3. Upfront payment TreatBox luxe package for the whole year £172



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