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Build your custom gift box and send to a loved one or let us surprise you at the start of each month with our monthly subscription boxes.

  • Create a gift box and send it directly through the post to a friend or family

Letterbox friendly Happy Mail & Gift Boxes for any occasion!

Beautifully wrapped and sent straight through the post in our letterbox friendly boxes, which means no waiting at the post office, happy mail waiting on the doormat (or at the office)

The Boxes


Hand-pick each item and create your own gift box. We'll take your masterpiece, gift wrap it to perfection, handwrite your personal message and send it straight through their letterbox (or office). Let them know you are thinking of them.

Starting From £19.95

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TreatBox Subscription

Our monthly or Quarterly subscription boxes are designed to make you feel special and loved, giving you the tools to be kind to yourself. The box varies each time but always remains a closely guarded secret. Sign up now for your recurring dose of happiness!

Starting From £15.00

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Ready-to-go TreatBox

Gifting made easy. If you haven't got time to create your own? We have a selection of curated gift boxes which are ready-to-go with one click. Take a browse, there is something for everyone! This is a great way to try one of our past monthly TreatBoxes too. 

Starting From £12.95

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Send a Hug through the post...

We pride ourselves in excellent customer service; whichever box you choose the best part of the experience is the perfect touch of personalisation we add to every box. We send them exactly how we would like to receive a gift.

Every single gift box is topped with a free beautifully illustrated gift tag, which we will hand write with your personal message, so they receive your TreatBox with as much love as it was sent with.

  • Unique gift box, gift wrapped and sent through the post


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