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About Us

Hey There! Thank you so much for stopping by, I'm Zoe, mum-of-two, lover of Tea and biscuits.

I am the founder of TreatBox which was started in 2016 packing the first boxes in my living room.

It was after searching high and low for a gift for my friend who was feeling very low, I wanted to send her something that was personal from the heart. I couldn't find anything. Sure there are other gift companies out there, but I couldn't create a gift box and have full control of what went inside and sure there are websites, no names, who would print in a card for me, but I wanted something more personal than that. So I realised this could be something special, and created TreatBox just like that... It's been 3 years of very hard work, a lot of tea as you will notice over on the blog! 

About us TreatBox


I am proud to be sending thousands of boxes across the UK with an increasing presence worldwide. We are slowly growing a dedicated and lovely team with a huge passion for friendly and caring customer service. 

If you didn't know there is another side to TreatBox our monthly subscription box which is in a nutshell a Treat each month just for YOU.

Our monthly TreatBox is designed to make you feel special and loved. The box varies each month but always remains a closely guarded secret! Inside you could find; inspirational quotes, stationery, lifestyle products, jewellery, edible treats, beauty products, exclusive products designed by TreatBox and lots of other small businesses. Making sure every box each and every box receives those extra special touches and this is what makes us different from a lot of other subscription boxes out there.


"We continue to deliver our promise filling our boxes with love and happiness, making the world smile! This is what drives us to keep creating unique and personalised Happy-mail" 

Sending hugs through the post

Zoe TB




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